Fond Memories Telepathic Photo Generator

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Fond Memories Telepathic Photo Generator

Postby crit24915 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:54 am

I know we've all seen those frames that generate photos saved in their memories. What's I'd like to see is a photo display that could read our minds and decide who we missed most at the time. Then, such a device would find our best memories of that person and display them in the context most uplifting to us. Too many people are miserable in cubicles and such, and I think a pick me up like that in the workplace would be useful. The photo display would be able to do anything from still photos to actual videos. I mean, we've all seen how many hereos and main characters have held it together just long enough because of that last vid from a relative or lover. We could all use a little of that!
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