A Peace Of Mind.

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A Peace Of Mind.

Postby TheEnd_IsNear » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:47 pm

I guess this is huge but...
All I want is a piece of mind. After 9/11 I definately don't have any. I mean, I know he's dead and all but his group seems to still be fing more and more leaders. I can't stop thinking about how I could've been killed on 9/11. It was so close to home. And by close, I mean close. A plane crashed in Pennsylvaina, and some of the people in my neighborhood- even some of my neighbors- drive to New York for their jobs. They have to go daily, and I bet someone, at least one person, lost their parents due to 9/11 in my neighborhood.
I believe I even remember a story about a girl whom lost her parents because of the World Trade Center.
I bet even people in Texas, or even California, lost someone they know, or know somebody whom did.
We don't have a peace of mind because this country is at war.
We are at war.
"Shoot for saviour, and end up being rad." -Gerard Way.
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