Lulu press release - is it worth the money?

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Lulu press release - is it worth the money?

Postby crit29006 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:16 pm

I've published my fantasy novel 'Tochwyatis' in print through Now I'm trying to market it. Lulu recommends a 'Press Release - Web Optimized Edition'. It looks interesting, but it would cost about $ 1190 even with a discount, so I have to think hard about how much it will help.

I'm not writing for money, so it isn't necessary to increase sales so much that it covers the cost of the press release, but I won't be happy if I pay $ 1190 and sell maybe a couple of copies more than otherwise, maybe not even that. 100 extra sales would begin to make sense. Does anybody have an idea how much a Lulu press release helps?
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Re: Lulu press release - is it worth the money?

Postby crit19292 » Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:33 am

I also am printing through Lulu, and I am not buying any promotional. I am writing for money, but not really putting my focus on hard copies. I am going with Lulu because they do very good work printing books. I have had books printed with others, but they fell apart. The books I had printed through Lulu hold up over time. That is the purpose of hard copies: to give a person a lasting presence of my writing (and not to satisfy those who simply like paper).

I also have my novels on Kindle and Nook. I do the work myself, so I am not paying Lulu or anyone else. Whatever I make from those sites is thus all mine.

I do not consider press releases to be worth wrapping fish, so definitely would advise you against it. If you are even tempted, then waste the gas (a lot cheaper) to check on how much it would cost you to do a press release. I would say that you will find that most of that money is NOT going for the press release, but for someone to edit a standard form and email it to certain newspapers. You could probably get a sample press release and the email address for free, and treat yourself to a fancy meal with the money you have left over after buying a tank of gas.
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