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Split a Template into top/bottom for .HT File Use

If you'd like to use a HTML or CSS template with .ht files, do this:

1. Create a page using your desired template where the only "real" page content is this phrase:

(You can use a different phrase than "CONTENT HERE" if you like.)

That is, edit the template so the unique text on the page is the string you enter in the above box. The top and bottom will be split at that exact string so it must be verbatim. (Use copy & paste to avoid typos.)

2. Put that page on your web site somewhere (like 'template.html') and note the URL (like

3. Enter that URL here:

4. Click here to get the 'top' and 'bottom' files for your site:

Save the results in files named "top" and "bottom" for .ht files to work.

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